How does shopapper secure my sales and payments?

The checkout and payment process is our primary subject on everything we plan about app security. And it’s a rather complex problem to solve. So to better explain the answer, we’d need to explain our train of thought as well. So please hang in there and read through… 🙂

There are multiple ways to handle checkout and payments on mobile apps and all start with a secure HTTPS connection and an encrypted  payment process. With WooCommerce, all stores already have these security measures built in.

For the mobile apps, the common approach is to have built in payment gateway modules within the app. The challenge with this approach is that for every store, every WooCommerce site, we’d have to develop modules for different payment gateways. In other words, to allow different gateways work on your app, we’d have to develop a module for each available payment gateway out there (and there are hundreds of payment gateways out there).

Aiming to develop for hundreds of payment gateways brings in multiple risks:

  1. More modules means longer development time means higher costs
  2. More modules means more maintenance means longer update periods between app versions
  3. More modules means more security risks to solve means more development and testing means 1&2 again…

We didn’t want to increase our pricing and delay our updates.

Then we decided to move away from the developer crowd and trust WooCommerce. All your store is built on WooCommerce. Your data, products, customers and everything comes from your WooCommerce store. Why not the checkout?

We’ve then decided to integrate your WooCommerce store checkout screen to our app for checkout. This way we gained multiple advantages:

  1. Whatever security measure WooCommerce has built-in, plus you have installed on your website already, you have on your app automatically.
  2. Whatever payment gateway you have on your website, you have on your app automatically.
  3. Whatever custom feature, functionality or design element you have on your checkout page, you have on your app automatically.

In short, we secure your sales and payment by not even touching them. They are ALL processed by your WooCommerce system, without any interference from your app. For checkout and payments, your app is just an interface for your customers.