What’s the technology behind shopapper?

shopapper stands on 3 feet:

  1. shopapper.com
  2. shopapper Admin Panel
  3. Your App

shopapper.com is built with WordPress and WooCommerce (duh!) and hosted on Amazon Cloud Servers (AWS). We manage all accounts, subscriptions and your shopapper payments securely through our SSL protected website. shopapper.com is built to be secure, persistent and flexibe.

shopapper Admin Panel is custom built by us (duh!) and hosted on Amazon Cloud Servers (AWS) on another instance for security. The shopapper Admin Panel frontend is built with React.js (from Facebook) as it’s our current favorite modern library and the backend is built with Symfony Framework API for it’s robustness and security.

Your App is built on React Native, a hybrid and cross-platform mobile app development library from Facebook again. A complementary to the React.js library and provides a unified experience among iOS & Android together.

For security and performance, we’ve distributed our data amount these 3 feet. Account and subscription data is processed from shopapper.com, whereas app settings are processed from shopapper Admin Panel and your app directly communicates with your WooCommerce site API for the contents. This allows us to have a secure and a better performing system, whichever plan you pick.