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3 Steps To Own Your CBD & Accessories App with ShopApper


Request Your Demo

A 15-minute call to see your own app in action.


Review Your App

We optimize, fine-tune & setup everything for you, as you like.


Publish Your App​

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How can a Mobile App reshape your CBD Store success in 2024?

Increase Loyalty with Exclusive Notifications

Effortlessly increase customer loyalty by creating a dedicated customer base for your CBD store by offering app-exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions through unlimited notifications.

Educate and Engage with Informative Content

Position your brand as an authority in the CBD space by engaging customers and building trust by providing educational content on benefits, usage, and detailed product information.

Boost Repeat Purchases with Easy Reordering

Simplify the reordering process by giving customers quick access to past purchases through the app. Make the most of the user-friendly interface and saved preferences to increase repeat orders.

Personalize Deals with Customized Pricing and Discounts

Tailor pricing structures and offer exclusive discounts through the app, providing a personalized and cost-effective solution for each B2B client.

Create Community with Interactive Engagement

Engage users through interactive features like polls, surveys, and reviews, fostering a community around your CBD store and gathering valuable feedback.


Why Online CBD stores struggle with websites alone?

Impersonal Shopping Experiences

Websites lacks of interactive features and personalized engagement strategies, hindering the development of a vibrant and committed user community.

Dependency on Email for Communication

Lack of mobile accessibility leaves users only able to interact while sitting in front of the computer.

Reduced Visibility Impact on Conversion

Without personalized engagement strategies, websites alone cannot deliver personalized journeys based on individual preferences, leading to a generic and less impactful user experience.

Dependency on Traditional Marketing Channels

Businesses that rely solely on websites run the risk of reduced brand visibility as users shift towards mobile interactions. 

Why CBD Stores need a mobile app?

CBD stores using mobile apps increase their online sales by 80-125%.

48% of people go online shopping after receiving a push notification on their phones.

Push notifications increase the engagement level to 88% and the in-store purchase rate to 48%.

82% of people consult their phones regarding a purchase they’re about to make in a store.

Frequently Asked Questions

by Site Owners

We don’t touch the checkout process. Why?

1. It’s safer.

2. As we’re taking the data from your website, it goes through your website and completed successfully on the app too and we’re still able detect orders coming from the app.

A mobile app would be actually an addition to your website and its difference from the mobile view is that you can leverage push notifications to send personalized messages to your customers with a mobile app which would eventually increase your orders from your repeat customers.

The app’s initial success mostly depends on the repeat customers not the number of products/content etc. So the increase in the number of repeat customers could be a good sign to start exploring the app idea.Content

Yes, our system supports almost all plugins and if not, we just integrate it. All functionality will work properly.

15 mins to prepare the demo. A week to fine tune the app & create the App Store accounts in most cases. And a few more days to be approved. Approximately in 1-2 weeks. Could be more for custom projects.

We can automate notifications to eliminate high cart abandonment rates, decreasing or unchanging amount of orders or add any rules specific to your business.

There’s no initial costs to build the app. We have a low-cost subscription system once you see how your app would look and work and decide the move forward with us. Visit our plans & pricing page to to get an idea and schedule a call with us to see which one would work the best for your business.

Still not sure If you need an App?

Fill out our free business analysis, and receive a detailed report assessing if an app is the right option for your business.


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