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App Features

Our aim is to provide apps that integrate with each and every WooCommerce plugin out there.
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Native iOS & Android Apps

Gain visibility by publishing your native app on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Be found easily. Get installed with 1-touch.

Unlimited Push Notifications

Use the power of personalized, automated push notifications to reach your customers. Increase retention, loyalty and sales.

Store Integrated Checkout

Run your app completely integrated with your website, using your website checkout. Just as if checked-out from your website.

User Login & Registration

Let users login to your app for better app experience, personalized messaging and targeting. Plus register directly from your app.

Barcode Scanner

Speed up your customers’ ordering processes by allowing them to scan product barcodes or QR codes with their phone camera.

Website Pages as App Screens

Match your website design, branding & functionality with your app. An identical experience mirroring your website in app.

Product Image Galleries

Showcase your products with multiple product images and image galleries. Better visualize your products for your customers.

App Analytics

Track app usage. Get reports on items added to cart, orders finalized and other KPI’s for your business and ROI calculations.

Multi-Store / Multi-Site Apps

Running a multi-site WordPress environment? Need a single app to unify multiple stores or locations? We got you covered.

+Custom Feature Requests

Our mission is to provide “a mobile app for every business”. If what your business needs is not built yet, we’ll make it happen.

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