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Expand your app's capabilities: Easy integrations for advanced functionality.

Google Firebase

Push notifications to analytics,
everything Google Firebase provides.

Twilio - SMS & Phone Plugin

Login with an SMS confirmation or sign up with your phone number with Twilio integration.

Barcode Scanner

Let your app users scan barcode or QR codes with their phone camera.

WP Multi-site Integration

Running a multi-site WordPress system? Get a single app to access multiple stores.

One Signal

Instant Engagement with One Signal: Enhance your communication and user experience with real-time mobile notifications

Custom Integration​s

We’re here to provide any custom or third party integration you need for your business.

App Stores In-App Purchases​

Integrate your services with Google Play or Apple App Store In-App Purchase system.

WooCommerce Login & Registration​

Let your app users scan barcode or QR codes with their phone camera.

All Subscription & Membership Plugins​

Run your app completely integrated with your website, using your website checkout.

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