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How can a Mobile App reshape your Food & Delivery business success in 2024?

Boost Order Frequency with Push Notifications

You can maximize your food and delivery business’s order frequency with personalized push notifications. Keep your customers engaged and coming back for more by sending timely updates on special promotions, new menu items, and exclusive offers directly to their mobile devices.

Reduce Cart Abandonment with Smooth Checkout

Simplify your customers ordering journey and significantly reduce cart abandonment rates with the user-friendly checkout process. Compared to the website, the app ensures an easier and more efficient experience, leading to higher completion rates and increased conversions.

Create Customer Loyalty with Personalized Discounts & Offers

Foster customer loyalty through personalized discounts and offers delivered directly to their mobile devices, making your food and delivery services their top choice.

Reduce Operational Burdens

Reduce operational burdens and long phone calls by streamlining order management, ensuring a seamless experience for both your team and customers.


Exploring boundaries; Why Online Restaurants struggle with websites alone?

Push Notification Limit

Websites alone lack push notifications, impacting online restaurants by limiting customer updates on new menus and promotions, potentially reducing engagement and repeat orders.

Ordering Hassles

Users navigating a website for food orders may encounter more hurdles, introducing friction that could deter them from completing their orders.

Missed Spontaneity

Unlike mobile apps, websites might lack the swift accessibility needed to accommodate spontaneous orders and cater to customers seeking an instant dining experience.

Challenges in Building Loyalty

Establishing a seamless loyalty program and personalized promotions is a struggle for online restaurants relying solely on websites, impacting their ability to nurture repeat business.

Not Fully Tapping into Personalization

Without the direct access and control provided by a mobile app, online restaurants may not fully exploit the potential to personalize recommendations and tailor the ordering experience for each customer.

Why Food & Delivery Businesses need a mobile app?

About 60% of meal orders are made on smartphones.

Mobile apps have the lowest car abandonment rate with %20 and outperform websites with 68%.

Two-thirds of customers prefer ordering directly from a restaurant's mobile app over third-party services.

Push notifications increase the engagement level to 88% and the sales rate to 48%.


Case Studies

Explore our diverse portfolio of apps crafted for various businesses.

Jako Sushi

Since 2011, Jako Sushi has been serving the very best sushi in the beautiful town of Gjøvik. Their unique kitchen culture, passion for cooking, and great knowledge about Asian food will welcome you with open arms.

  • Order tracking
  • Digital menu
  • Various payment methods


revenue generated with ShopApper


orders come from the app

1220% ROI

with the mobile app

Frequently Asked Questions

by Restaurant Owners

We don’t touch the checkout process. Why?

1. It’s safer.

2. As we’re taking the data from your website, it goes through your website and completed successfully on the app too and we’re still able detect orders coming from the app.

A mobile app would be actually an addition to your website and its difference from the mobile view is that you can leverage push notifications to send personalized messages to your customers with a mobile app which would eventually increase your orders from your repeat customers.

The app’s initial success mostly depends on the repeat customers not the number of products/content etc. So the increase in the number of repeat customers could be a good sign to start exploring the app idea.

Yes, our system supports almost all plugins and if not, we just integrate it. All functionality will work properly.

15 mins to prepare the demo. A week to fine tune the app & create the App Store accounts in most cases. And a few more days to be approved. Approximately in 1-2 weeks. Could be more for custom projects.

We can automate notifications to eliminate high cart abandonment rates, decreasing or unchanging amount of orders or add any rules specific to your business.

There’s no initial costs to build the app. We have a low-cost subscription system once you see how your app would look and work and decide the move forward with us. Visit our plans & pricing page to to get an idea and schedule a call with us to see which one would work the best for your business.

Still not sure If you need an App?

Fill out our free business analysis, and receive a detailed report assessing if an app is the right option for your business.


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