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Why Businesses Choose ShopApper over AppPresser



Free Demo​

You can both get personal guidance from our experts and see your real functioning app in a free demo.

You don't have a chance to see your mobile app before making a decision. You must purchase first.

Ios & Android Apps

No matter which pricing plan you choose, you get both the IOS and Android apps together.

You can't get both the IOS and Android apps in every pricing plan. To get both, you must choose the highest plan.

Unlimited Push Notifications

We don't want to limit your interaction with your own customers in any way 🙂 That's why you'll get unlimited push notifications on every plan you choose.

AppPresser does not provide you unlimited push notifications regardless of plans.

Customization & Integrations

You can request as many customization & integrations options as you want without paying any extra money. And we do all this for you!

You have customization options, but they are limited and you have to spend a lot of time doing it yourself.

Segmented Push Notifications

You can create various different user lists and send unlimited push notifications to them.

Not every plan allows segmentation, and even if you choose one that does, you'll have a segmentation limit.