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The Power of Mobile: Lost Soles App Sees 300% Conversion Growth & Increased Revenue

Lost Soles

Lost Soles, a Liverpool-based menswear brand, has risen from humble beginnings in the back of a car to a thriving eCommerce business with a flagship store in the Royal Albert Dock.


Online Store

The Challenge

Lost Soles has a dedicated following of 75,000 people on Instagram, all keen to stay ahead of the latest trends. However, although existing websites were functional, they could not fully emulate the dynamic and engaging experience of social media. Customers were looking for a seamless way to browse and purchase the latest products.
  • Faster access: Fishing enthusiasts craved quicker and easier access to information on ongoing events and competitions.
  • Improved communication: A more efficient way to keep users informed about updates and competition details was crucial.
  • Enhanced engagement: Capital Catch wanted to deepen customer engagement and excitement around their draws.

ShopApper to the Rescue

We helped Lost Soles create a mobile app that captures the essence of their brand and social media presence. The app delivers a genuine, social media-like shopping experience, complete with:

Intuitive Categorization

The app boasts a smooth and intuitive design for effortless navigation.

Fresh content

Regular updates and new sections keep the app engaging and ensure customers discover the latest styles.

The Results

The Lost Soles mobile app has been a game-changer, driving significant growth in just 3 months:

$10,000+ Revenue Increase

The app has directly contributed to a substantial increase in revenue.

3X More Conversions

The app is converting users into paying customers at a much higher rate than the website.

10% of Orders from the App

Despite being a new platform, the app already accounts for a significant portion of Lost Soles’ online sales.

Beyond the Numbers: Early Access, Exclusivity, and a Personalized Touch

The app goes beyond simple browsing. It offers customers a more personalized and exciting shopping experience:

  • Early Access: App users gain exclusive access to certain products before they hit the website, ensuring they don’t miss out on limited-stock items.
  • Exclusive Items: The app features unique products not available on the website, further rewarding loyal app users.
  • Latest Products Section: A dedicated section showcases all the newest arrivals in one place, saving customers time searching through the entire catalog.

ShopApper: Building Your Winning Mobile App

Lost Soles’ success story is a powerful example of how ShopApper empowers businesses to create impactful mobile apps. 

Our platform simplifies the development process, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your brand and your customers.

With ShopApper, you can:

  • Build a user-friendly app without extensive coding knowledge.
  • Gain valuable customer insights through in-app analytics.
  • Boost sales and conversions with features like early access and exclusive items.

Ready to build your dream app and unlock new revenue streams?

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